What is PennApps?

PennApps is the University of Pennsylvania's bi-annual hackathon event. The University's best programmers and entrepreneurs will team up over a weekend to build amazing applications. The event is hosted by the Dining Philosophers (Penn's computer science club). If you want to talk to us, you can email us at contact@pennapps.com

A little background.

PennApps is run by a team of five University of Pennsylvania undergraduates: Pulak Mittal, Amalia Hawkins, Ayaka Nonaka, Jonathan Leung, and Trisha Kothari. With support from Penn's Ware House, our amazing sponsors, and many enthusiastic classmates, we handle the organization and running of the hackathon. This is a hackathon for university students, by university students-- a trend we hope to see spread to other schools and communities.

Recent history.

This upcoming Hackathon will be the sixth PennApps competition. In the past, PennApps has seen a tremendous response from the students and the tech community. We couldn't have done it without our fantastic sponsors! Take a look at some recent winning hacks from our Spring 2011 event to the right.


Grand Prize ($2500)


Turn any surface into a touch input surface. Utilizing only a microphone, we can transform objects like walls and tables into a touchpad. It's like a touchscreen but without the screen! ScratchTable is a demo of this technology in the form of a virtual turntable.


Second Place ($1500)


We know that the most effective way to make anything happen is by reaching out to your elected officials, and we also know that this can be a lot of work. A lot of well-minded, like-minded people will visit your website, but few will take action. Grassroutes helps convert those good intentions into action.


Third Place ($1000)


Planning a road trip? rdtripp.in will help you plot a route to see your friends along the way.